Sunday, 17 May 2015

Felting Workshop

Has anyone ever watched Pipkins a children's TV programme in the 1970's with Hartley Hare? It was my favourite kid's TV programme which I watched at my grans when I was growing up. So, when I saw Jenny Barnetts Hares at Yarndale last year I had to learn how to make them. So here is my day !!!

What an amazing afternoon I had at Jenny Barnetts felting Hare workshop at Castle Park Arts Centre, Frodsham. The arts centre is set in beautiful grounds, well worth a visit as there's lots of things to see and do.

I spent the afternoon with lovely friends Paula and Diane and a group of other amazing ladies making Hares. I am sharing with you the afternoon I had making my hare to show you how easy it is.
This was my finished hare, I love him!!

We were given a bag with everything inside to make the finished  hare from needle, beads, fibres, felting needles, sponge and more and this was ours to take home afterwards. We started by learning how to make the body and head by rolling and then using the felting needle to bond it together.

Then the ears and how to attach to the head.

You then gave your hare a face and  a personality !!

It was a fantastic day and here are the finished Hares.

If anyone would like to go on a workshops that Jenny runs then visit her website or facebook page.
or email her at:
 jennyneedlefelt@gmail .com

She also has a book out, which I bought, it is amazing with all the details on how to make other animals, tips and places to buy the materials.

Well Helen, I wish I could have been there, it sounds like a fantastic day, I love it when you come home carrying something you have made! The book looks great too! I am sure lot's of people would love to go on one of Jenny's courses, I can't wait to see your Hartley Hare, I was a big fan of Pipkins too!
Thank you for sharing your day.

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