Monday, 26 October 2015

Hank and Skein is getting bigger !!!

Well this week I have not stopped knitting, mostly for the magazines I design for, but also for the event Sarah and myself will be attending in  November. 

We have been busy designing and putting together knitting kits and knitting and crocheting extra cowls and scarves to sell at 'Ladyfest' take a look at the Blog page. We are really looking forward to being part of this great event!

This is our crochet denim scarf kit in our new organza bags.

Amazing crochet scarves that we will be selling in different yarns and different colours.

We have also been working on chunky winter cowls in an amazing array of colours.

Table mats, extra chunky, extra Funky !

Beautiful crochet cowls or crochet kits with all the different yarns you can use to make your own.

All of these are for sale, we will be putting them on our facebook page, but keep watching as we are also going to be opening an Etsy shop.

Alongside these we also have a brilliant knit kit for children 'Two Faced Ted'. It has everything inside for your child to knit the Ted, needles, yarn, buttons, stuffing sewing up needles, it is perfect for beginners. 

All of these are for sale so if anyone is interested then please get in touch, message us, ask any questions, we are more than happy to help. 

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