Sunday, 17 January 2016

Happy New Year!! (At last we hear you cry!)

I know it is half way through January already... how did that happen?....but Helen and I would like to wish you a heart felt 'Happy New Year for 2016'

I have been thinking about this blog post over the last week or so, in the same way that I have also been thinking about getting back into my Gym Routine! Well I hit the gym this morning and now remember why I enjoy going so much, it fills me with energy and make me feel better and I think I can say the same for our blog too! Being faced with the empty screen sometimes feels daunting, but not today I have lots to chat let's get on with it.

My Christmas & New Year reading so far, well my 'Real Books'

My hubby has suggested a holiday in March to get away from the cold British weather. My first thoughts were what knitting/crochet I will take and then which books? I don't know about you but I love to read on holiday and can usually read 3/4 books in a week, now I do love the feel of a book in my hands but I have come to love my kindle too because it means I can pack shoes and all the books I want as well. Now being a crafter I don't really like the commercial faux leather covers which protect many kindles I prefer to feel some yarn around my precious device.....

My original kindle cover made for a holiday getaway

And what could be nicer than cotton when you are in a hot country, it feels lovely and looks even better. When I make these I add wadding into the cavity between the knitted outer and the cotton inner lining which protects your device whilst in your beach bag handbag or suitcase. They are completely machine washable so those sun cream hands or ice-cream drips are not the end of the world! In fact if you rinse the cover when you get home from the beach it is ready for use the next day.

We sell a kit which includes cotton to line wadding to protect
and the yarn and pattern to make up the kindle cover.
If you love the pictures then why not invest in a kit to make your own at a cost of  £8.00 this includes the yarn, wadding inner cotton lining and pattern (a bargain). Just message us on Facebook or email us at for more details and colours available.
Look out on instagram (Click on the link on the left) Hank_Skein for pictures of what we are creating and on FB for other updates.

Take a look on FB and Instagram this week to find out where my selfie was taken and why I was in Arctic conditions on a Saturday morning in January just to look at a train going by.

Braving the cold

These ducks have my respect
in that freezing water

This is was it was all about!!
Where am I??
Until next time thanks for taking the time to read our blog and please keep in touch!!

Sarah & Helen xx