Thursday, 3 March 2016

Perfect Patchwork !!

I would love to you some amazing patchwork blankets I had the good fortune of seeing at an exhibition I went to a few weeks ago in Sale, Manchester. On display were the most amazing blankets, wall hangings, cushions that were machine and hand sewn. It got me inspired and wanting to get on with my patchwork.

 They are amazing aren't they !!

Anyway, moving on, I have started going to patchwork group myself, with lovely ladies that I have met through my craft group. We started with a small project, hexagons to make a pin cushion .

 The finished pin cushion, just a button to be added to the centre.

 Michelle's millions of hexagons to make her blanket. 
(and also Happy Birthday to Michelle this week as its a very special birthday x)

Here are Tilly and Marion who join us every week to sew (Tilly doesn't do much)!!
Tilly even got hold of my pin cushion as I dropped it on the floor and ran like hell out of the dog flap into the garden, it was like a comedy scene off the TV trying to get it back.

I have now purchased some lovely fabrics to make a circle cushion with diamond shapes. I will let you know how it goes.

Sarah and I are looking forward to our first workshop together this weekend, a small group of ladies are joining us for our Beginners Crochet course we are really looking forward to it. It is so much fun to learn a new craft alongside other like minded people and Sarah and I love sharing our skills too. We will post some pictures of their day soon.

Sarah has also signed up for a weekend upholstery course at the Ministry of upholstery  we can't wait to see her finished project and will definitely share some pictures with you

Whatever needle crafts you are doing, enjoy and have a good weekend 
Helen and Sarah xx

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