Thursday, 1 September 2016

Where has The Summer gone?

What have we been doing?

Well Summer has indeed slipped through our fingers,just like the yarn when you are making a favourite project that you don't want to end! 

Of course we have both been knitting and crocheting, that goes without saying. 

Helen's children have been on school holidays and she has been kept very busy keeping them busy! She has also been designing for the magazines she works for and doing some special projects which will be heading our blogs way too........the first one is below. Unlike some mums Helen loves the school holidays and I am sure she will be feeling quite sad when her children head off to school next week.

I am pleased to say that my Talisman shawl truly protected me whilst I went through the process of being made redundant from my job. I am happy to say that I soon found something else and am now getting into the swing of my new role and enjoying working in Central Manchester. I even get to crochet / knit / read on the bus!!
I have had my Uncle from Australia staying with me for a month, he has now headed off to France and he too will soon be heading off home to sunny OZ!!

Helen and I have managed a few cups of tea over the summer and plenty of chatter. I am heading to Yarndale in September, sadly without Helen but I will be with my very oldest friend Julie.......and our other woollie friends!!

Anyway time to hand you over to Helen whilst she shares her fabulous baby blanket pattern........speak soon x

Helens Baby Blanket Pattern 

My lovely friend Louisa had a beautiful baby boy Dexter, he is just amazing so I thought that I would make a special blanket for him using up all my odds and ends of Rowan wool cotton. I love this yarn as its so very soft and washes fantastically and for a baby blanket that's perfect.
My blanket uses just one square, a simple and easy design.

abbreviations: ch - chain, st - stitch, tr - treble, sl - slip, beg - beginning, dc - double crochet, 

make 6ch, sl st into first ch to form a ring

round 1: 3ch (counts as first tr), work 15tr into ring, sl st into 3rd of 3ch at beg of round

round 2: 3ch (counts as 1tr), 2tr into same st as last sl st, 2ch, miss 1tr, 1tr into next tr, 2ch, miss 1tr, *3tr into next tr, 2ch, miss 1tr, 1tr into next tr, 2ch, miss 1tr, rep from * twice more, sl st into 3rd of 3ch at beg of round

round 3: 3ch, 5tr into next tr, * 1 tr into next tr, (2ch, 1tr into next tr) twice, 5tr into next tr, rep from * twice more, (1tr into next tr, 2ch) twice, sl st into 3rd of 3ch at beg of round

change colour

round 4: 3ch, 1tr into each of next 2tr, 5tr into next tr, *1tr into each of next 3tr, 2ch, 1tr into next tr, 2ch, 1tr into each of next 3tr, 5tr into next tr, rep from * twice more, 1tr into each of

next 3 tr, 2ch, 1tr into next tr, 2ch, sl st into 3rd of 3ch at beg of round

next round: 1ch, 1 dc into each st to end, working 3dc into each corner st, sl st into first dc

fasten off

I made lots of squares in random colours and played about with placement.

I worked a row of double crochet to join the squares then worked around the edges with rows of double crochet to finish off.

I loved making this blanket so I decided to find all my odds and ends of Rowan felted tweed, another of my favourite yarns and start to make more squares.

So watch this space because I am on a mission to use up my massive stash of yarns that I can't hide from my husband any more.

Its been a mad few months for both Sarah and myself but I think we are now settling down again, I just need to get my son through his 11+ exam and then I can throw myself back into my knitting and crochet and hopefully having more creative days with Sarah as I miss our Fridays !!

Happy Knitting xxx

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