Sunday, 5 July 2015

Crocheted Bunting

Well, my holiday is over and I am back home and back to work tomorrow, time just seems to fly by! How lovely to come back to this beautiful sunny weather, although I must admit that we had a grey and cloudy descent into Manchester and it was raining when we ran for our taxi, but it is always good to be back.

My knitting unpacked,I am ready for the beach

 Myself and my hubby went to the very beautiful coastal town of Nerja which lies about an hours drive from Malaga airport in Spain, this is our third visit in the last six years and as a rule we do not return to foreign destinations once we have seen them, so it must be good!

The beautiful town of Nerja retains its beauty year after year

'So, what was in the knitting bag??' I hear you cry!! Well, sticking to the theme, I had the same yarn as Helen spoke about last week, Rowan Summerlite 4 ply, in the same colours. This is a beautiful yarn to work with and was perfect to give a real summer feel to our Beach hut bunting. My bunting is done using crochet.

Of course I take my crochet to the beach doesn't everyone?

My ever patient hubby sits in the sun whilst I crochet!

Before too long the hut was taking shape, I think the sunshine helped. Now all I have got to do is make more of the same and then write the pattern down to share with you!

Two huts!

Three huts!!
To the pattern!! Now please allow me a little bit of a rambling moment, which those who know me well would call 'a butterfly moment' where my brain flies off in a completely different direction! Stay with me, here goes! 

I have crafted for many years and always use the pattern provided and as pointed out by my very best friend Julie recently, when I receive a compliment on a garment I always say 'thank you but it is the designer who should take all the credit because I just followed the pattern'. Well!!! Let me tell you that writing a pattern down is not that easy! I can put hook in hand and create beautiful and simple items but actually putting it down in pattern form is not as simple as you may think. However I must thank my blogging buddy Helen for helping me out and checking the pattern and offering me advice on technique and wording. Helen and I make a great creative team as they say two heads are better than one! 

Back in the room! Here is the crochet bunting pattern.

I love a bit of ric-rac!! It looks like waves!

Crochet Beach Hut Bunting
Using a 3mm hook

4 ply yarn in a number of colours to suit.(I used Rowan Summerlite)

double crochet (dc) throughout

NB - 1ch does not count as a stitch

make 2ch

Row 1: 2dc into 2nd ch from hook, turn. 2sts

Row 2: 1ch , 1dc into frist dc, 2dc into last dc, turn. 3sts

Row 3: 1ch, 1dc into first dc, 1dc into next dc, 2 dc into last dc, turn. 4 sts

Row 4: 1ch, 1dc into first dc, 1dc into each of next 2dc, 2 dc into last dc, turn. 5sts

Row 5: 1ch, 1dc into first dc, 1dc into each of next 3dc, 2dc into last dc. 6sts

Cont as set, increasing into last stitch on each row until 19sts, turn.

Break yarn

Join in another colour, miss first 2dc, into next st work 1 dc, 1dc into each of next 14dc, turn and work on these 15sts

next row: 1ch, 1dc into each of next 15dc, turn

rep last row 2 times more

change colour , work 4 rows of dc

cont in 4 row stripe until you have 6 rows of stripes, 24 rows in total.
fasten off

String and fairy lights, simple and effective

You can attach your bunting to ribbon or string or even crochet a lovely chain. I have used craft pegs to attach mine to different things, this makes it both easy to wash and you can change your mind about your display without having lots of undoing to do. I love the fairy lights too, we all need a little sparkle in our lives!!!

As Helen said last week you can embellish your huts with buttons etc. or just keep them plain and simple. Lovely!

Simply string
Well that is it for this week but please look at our FB page and our instagram Hank_Skein where I will share details of the lovely wool shop in Nerja and show my holiday crafting purchases. 

So, hasta la vista! Sarah x


  1. I love them Sarah! So cute and summery, and a project small enough to pop in my handbag, and make anywhere.

    1. Thanks Paula I am glad you like it. You are quite right it is good to pop in a handbag. We would love to see your finished bunting. Why not mix knitted and crocheted.
      Thanks for reading the blog by the way. Sarah