Sunday, 19 July 2015

Take some time out....

Life just seems to spin along at such a fast rate of knots and we try to go with it...responding to texts, emails, facebook, instagram and even the odd human here and there! Writing blogs, diaries, shopping lists, bucket is endless.

The place I sit to write and think
The nice part about crafting is that it gives us an escape from all of this. We sit using our hands to form something beautiful, usually in a meditative state where just you and the yarn, fabric, clay, wood, ink or paint...exist. It is truly therapeutic, which is I think why many of us do our crafts. 
My habby purchase- Ric Rac translates to Ric Rac!!
The Haberdashery shop in Nerja

As you know yarn is my dominant crafting choice and is the craft which goes almost everywhere with me, even on holiday! 

Lanas Encarni wool shop in Nerja
So it is no surprise that  when I was away in Spain the beach hut bunting was created, I also sought out the local wool shop and the haberdashery shop too. I love entering these shops just to see what delights lie within. I can honestly say that I have never been disappointed. I am never surprised when I see groups gathering in these places sharing their craft and I was not disappointed in Nerja where a knitting group was gathered sharing knowledge and enjoying each others company. I could not understand the language sadly but I knew it would all be kind words and creative tips being shared. I strongly recommend seeking out wool shops whilst you are away, it really is enjoyable.

Oh no I came out  with a bag!
Only two balls of this I was restrained!

Helen and I met at our knitting group and we both still attend, some lovely friendships have formed over the clicking of needles and the twisting of crochet hooks over the years. We both also run community groups and agree that it is so good to see the pleasure these bring to the people who attend, the joy on someone's face when they have completed their first garment is fabulous and is great reward for the work that goes into teaching a craft too. We both highly recommend meeting with other knitters/crocheters because you gain so much, not just knowledge but friendship too.

My knitting group celebrated it's birthday earlier in the year
Finally I must tell you about my escape for a day on a barge with my husbands family. We hired the barge from Karen's day boat hire in Boothstown, Worsley Manchester and it was the most relaxing and enjoyable day, perfect for knitting with no TV to distract you, just the gentle putt putt of the engine and the chatter of family around you. We took our dog, Rocky the Jack Russell, so knitting was somewhat interrupted by him needing a cuddle. It is a great way to see your local area from a very different perspective.
The traffic isn't this quiet on the roads

Rocky looking a little unsure, trying to find his sea legs
So... I recommend taking your knitting/crochet along on a barge or just on a bench by the side of the canal and just sit, knit/crochet and watch the world go gently by with the clicking of the needles or the twist of the hook being the only things to think about. You could really go for it and turn off your phone too! drink of the day!!
Enjoy some you time...... We ALL deserve it.

Add a little knitting.........Perfect!!
Ta ta for now I am off to knit! Sarah x

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