Monday, 11 April 2016

How Many are too Many?

I am of course talking about projects on the go! I mustn't be the only one of all you crafters out there that has more than one project being worked on at the same time. It drives my very patient husband mad! I have too many project bags and baskets scattered around the house ready to be worked on whenever I get a spare minute. Below are just a few of the projects which I am currently working on, each one equally as important as the next of course.

Current Projects
I must confess that I sometimes loose track of what I have on the go due to me having a terrible butterfly brain, which is so easily distracted when it sees beautiful yarn which will work perfectly with a pattern I have. My husband is the person who captures that butterfly and gathers up all the ongoing projects and deposits them into my craft room in the loft (Also known as my Lady Cave!) I then go up to get myself organised and sort the projects out so that I can at least get one completed. I find it helpful to lay them out on my crafting table as shown in the picture above and decide which should come downstairs to be worked on for this week. Let me take you through the projects on my table this week.

Rosamund by Kim Hargreaves
This is a lovely little cardigan which should be made using Rowan Kid Classic but I had been gifted some beautiful mohair so I am mixing it with the kid Classic, so watch this space for the finished result - Back and left front are done!

Rum & Raisin - Rowan Magazine 
This is a fabulous little Tee using just 5 balls of Rown Yarns Panama it is a lovely pattern and will be great over a little dress in the summer.
A basic crochet shawl 
Finally, a basic crochet shawl using Rowan Yarns Kid Silk haze, this will be a one ball shawl project, using just trebles and chain for a simple but beautiful shawl, a perfect handbag project needing just yarn and a 5mm hook!

A little summer dress
However, whilst I am confessing to my load, I must mention that when I went into the loft today I decided to cut out a dress for the summer using my lovely Merchant & Mills pattern The Camber Set. I have made this dress before and cannot wait to get sewing!!

The good thing about all these projects is that I am using up my stash of both yarn and fabric! One day I may have no stash left (Ha ha ha ha ha). Anyway I need to get on with my crafting now and I may say a little prayer for an extra day in every week or even an extra 12 hours in every day that no-one else knows about, pure crafting time!! Now wouldn't that be lovely!

Until next time keep well and keep crafting!! Helen & Sarah xx

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