Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Ireland workshop

Once again I have had an amazing time out in Ireland holding a jewelry/decorative scarf workshop. I had lovely ladies come along on both days and we had a great time. Glen Gallery Crafts is a shop that is just full to the top with crafts and wool, you name it, they have it. 
I developed this workshop because firstly I love to make decorative things, beading with dangly bits, in fact anything fiddly and secondly I have a new i-cord knitting mill, oh my, it is brilliant !!!

This is the i-cord that comes off the i-cord knitting mill (right), just amazing !

Firstly I got the ladies to make themselves a brooch with 
i-cord and a leather flower and button.

And then they had to use there imagination to think what they would like to make. I gave them all a booklet of knitted and crochet flowers, leaves and necklace bases and they had to make a selection and put it all together. I had made a few ideas before hand for them to have a look at.

I think sometimes when you go on a workshop it gets your creative juices flowing because you are with like minded people. There was a lot of knitting going on as well as chatting and some of the ladies finished their pieces but the main thing is that they enjoyed themselves.

All smiles from the ladies

One lady decided to make flowers and decorate her throw that she had knitted and it looked fantastic.

 Lots of work in progress, I hope they finished the necklace because the colours were beautiful

 Glen Gallery Crafts have such a wide variety of yarns, this is a very small selection of yarns that are on sale. If you are ever in Belfast call into Glen Gallery Crafts, Fenagh Road, Cullybackey, County Antrim. Frances and Marilyn are two lovely ladies who are very happy to help  .

Hopefully I will get to go back but just to remind everyone that if you have 4 to 6 ladies who want to learn to crochet, knit or even do a crochet jewellery workshop, Myself and Sarah are very happy to come to you and teach, please ask for details.
So just to say happy knitting and watch out for our next blog.
Love Helen and Sarah xx

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