Wednesday, 29 June 2016

When Life Throws You Lemons!

Hello! It has been a while!

Apologies for our lack of posts lately, it has been a busy time with lots going on in our lives. However Helen and I have managed to fit in a couple of events with one of them being a craft day at Stretford Public Hall promoting courses which are held at Trafford College. It was a lovely day and we met lots of lovely crafters showing their wares. Here are a couple of our linen covered jars which we were selling, also note the fabulous tiles in the background, Stretford Public Hall is a wonderful building to look around should you get the chance to.

Well back to the title of our post today, sometimes you really do feel like life is throwing lemons directly at you and you can either collect them and do something positive or wallow in their bitterness. Well as you can imagine I immediately pick up my needles and knit through the barrage of fruit! It does help when your stash has such gems as this just waiting to be used..........

This little beauty was a purchase which I made on Yarn shop day at Countess Ablaze in Swinton, Manchester The yarn is Tia Merino and the shade is Stardust and I have chosen to use it to make the Talisman shawl from the Shawl society by Curious handmade If you take a look at this pattern it tells of pilgrims who made shawls as protection on their journeys and I feel that I am beginning a journey which I will be able to share on our next post and I will definitely be needing a little protection.I will show you my progress on the shawl via instagram so please take a look - just click on the link on the left of this page.

Meantime let me show you what I have been knitting recently, lots of which will soon be appearing on our Etsy shop - Link also on the left.

I do find something very satisfying when knitting socks, as I have probably already mentioned to you all, I feel that they reflect life in so much as you go round in circles and then turning the heel represents those tricky times in life that you get over and then go back to going in ever decreasing circles again. 

More socks cast on and a few more pairs finished and I feel like life is back in some sort of order!!

I truly believe that knitting has helped me to overcome some of the trickiest heel turns that life has thrown at me and I am hoping that it will help me on the next.

I must remember to share my holiday knits from Kefalonia in my next post. Helen and I both love to find a new yarn shop on our holidays and the one I found in Argostoli did not fail to impress me, I even made a purchase........ I will save that for next time though. 

Finally just to end on a cheerful note let me show you the two rabbits which I made for gifts recently from the Toft book 'Edwards Menagerie' find it at it is one of the favourite books in my collection. Have a lovely week.............

Take care..... Sarah & Helen xx

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