Sunday, 24 July 2016

A Little Protection

Well here it is the Talisman Shawl is completed and I am happy to say that it feels as fabulous as it looks The Tia Merino yarn was beautiful to work with and the colours worked beautifully together too.Stardust was the main body and the edging was Swoon.

Tia Merino Yarn by Countess Ablaze and
the fabulous Talisman pattern from
The Shawl Society
I am pleased to say that Shawl number two 'Amulet' is now also completed and has just been put onto my blocking boards. This Shawl also has a beautiful story to go with it Helen Stewart the designer tells us that it was inspired by ' the mystical beauty of an ancient Egyptian carving of a powerful Scarab beatle with wings outstretched to provide shelter and protection from harm' read more when you join the Shawl Society, here's the link;

It was going well
Colours chosen  bottom is
Tia Merino left from Talisman

 My main yarn was a Malabrigo sock yarn which I purchased in America but had lost the label!! The contrast was the gorgeous Tia Merino in Swoon, I was so lucky to have had enough left from the Talisman Shawl to use it as my contrast. My beads were in my stash of haberdashery which is in all honesty out of control but I love it all!
New shawl on the Blocks
Ready for Blocking

So I can now share with you why I have had a need for protection, I was recently made redundant from my job and it was quite a strange feeling.The realist in me said it was just a financial decision which is taken by so many companies nowadays and it was not personal but the emotional side of me felt quite upset and hurt by the decision. I considered campaigning to ban the word 'Redundant' but instead decided to create my protection in the form of these beautiful shawls confirming that I am of some use and that my creativity can get me through the more anxious times in my life. Of course I must also thank family and very good friends for their constant support during this time.

Off the blocking board and looking great - The Amulet Shawl

I must admit that shawls were never really projects which I tackled but I am thoroughly enjoying these projects and cannot wait for shawl number three, watch this space. 

Here are a couple of other shawls which I have recently completed too.

The one on the left is from a knit along by Very Busy Monkey and the cabling was beautiful (not a cable needle in sight) although the edging took me a long time to get completed. 

The crocheted shawl is using odd bits of Kidsilk Haze and fine lace from my stash it is a great basic pattern which looks really effective when finished. 

Shawls are also lovely gifts to give as by nature they are like an arm around your shoulders.

Helen and I hope you enjoy reading about what we are up to and we will hopefully have lots to share over the Summer and into Autumn. Stay well,  H & S xxx


  1. They all look good but especially like the Talisman Shawl. Sorry I missed y o u before you left but enjoy your rest time before getting back in again. Russell

  2. Thanks Russell! Yes I love the Talisman shawl too. Sarah