Monday, 16 January 2017

2017!!! Already???

Last year really does seem to have slipped through our fingers! 

It was a year of change for me (Sarah) I changed jobs in August and now work in Manchester City Centre, which has meant quite a different routine with using Public Transport being one of the main differences for me. I enjoy, when I can get a seat, knitting and reading on the bus and have found that I have completed quite a few more projects and books this year due to this. However the days are long and this has meant both my attendance at the gym and attention to this blog have both suffered greatly! This is something which both Helen and I intend to rectify in 2017.

2017 is, I think, going to be an exciting year hopefully one of change for us both.....Anyway let's tell you what we have been up to between our last blog in October (yes, really.....October). 

I celebrated a significant birthday and was shocked when my family had organised a surprise party for me!! I can honestly say that I am not often speechless but I was that night!!

And I was so chuffed with my fabulous cake which I think you will agree is very apt! As if this wasn't enough my knitting group also had cakes and a lovely gift of vouchers for Countess Ablaze for me to treat myself to some beautiful yarn.... I was truly humbled and overwhelmed by the whole thing.

Both Helen and myself have been busy since October with Helen designing lots for the magazines and me completing, well almost, the Shawl Society knits two of which are below.

Asana Shawl
 The beautiful Asana Shawl which I made was knitted using Grey Skies in Manchester from Countess Ablaze was one of my favourites to knit.......with lots of beading too.
Sonder Shawl
The final shawl 'Sonder' I knitted in Three days (yes three days) I met up with the 'Wednesday Woolies' at Black sheep Yarns and chose this fabulous yarn Rico Fashion Alpaca at just £5.99 per ball and set to knitting when I got home.... Helen Stewarts patterns are a joy to follow and I cannot recommend them highly enough. She has a mystery KAL coming up in January too! I am sure I will be taking part!!

Now on the last posting I showed my Yarndale purchases and I have also knit up the fox scarf from this great book.......

I have the fox blocking in my loft at the moment but will share some pictures next time..... I used a great app on my phone to keep count of the rows on this project as it was my Bus knitting for November the link to this app is on google store but they also do this for apple devices too. You can have mutiple projects on the app which I am sure suits us all.

Oh I almost forgot to tell you about my gifts from my son and sister for my birthday, they got me some beautiful scissors for my dressmaking and other fabric projects!! I was so pleased and love my Merchant & Mills fabulous shears and wide bow scissors!!

Just some of my fabulous Fiftieth lucky!!

Any way with all these fabulous books and yarns and fabrics and tools there is one thing for me to sort out in my life and that is my time management and prioritizing.... today was the start by publishing this blog I have achieved one of my goals for this week. I also helped Helen sort some of her mammoth stash out this morning. This is due to me reading a book over the Christmas holidays by a lady called Sarah Knight and I cannot recommend it enough it has made me step back and assess lots of issues and will hopefully help me towards resolving some too.......

Worth a read........
So back to the New Year, Helen and I intend to keep the blog updated and let you all know what we have been up to and what we have been knitting and designing, we will also have a few free patterns for you to have a go at too...... 

In the meantime take care and we will speak to you soon Helen and Sarah x

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  1. I honestly don't know where you find the time to fit everything in Sarah! Well done! Xx