Monday, 20 February 2017

Fairisle knitting

So we meant what we said !!!
We are going to keep up the blogging this year.

I have been really busy with designing for magazines recently and I want to share with you a few ideas that have gone into The Knitter magazine.

My design challenge was to produce place mats and coasters, the first ideas I sent in were my sketches, yarn ideas and knitted swatches.

My original notes and test swatches

I sent my friend the picture below to say 'look what I have to do' and she said 'that won't take long to colour in !!', I wish, I had to knit it a few times for the place mats.

My design grid

Completed Place mat

Completed Coasters

But designers never rest............................
The next big knit for me was a patchwork throw, I went through the same design submission process as I had done for the previous project and then onto the making up of my design. It had approx 64 squares knitted and sewn together. My daughter played about with the placement of the squares and kept me in check as to what I was knitting and what colourways I still had to make, it is good to have the additional input from her. It did take a while to make but I think the end result looked good, I can't wait to get it back. 
I am sure my hubby will say ' not another knitted thing to clutter the house.'

Blanket in progress

Sewing up

Blanket almost completed

I always feel happy to see the end product with the colours and design working together, as it is sometimes difficult when designing with the yarn restrictions sent to you by the magazines, as they are not always what you would normally work with yourself.
The best feeling is when the magazine arrives and you see your item in all its glory and you think....that's my design! Even better is when readers write in showing their version of the design using different colourways because then you feel you have done your job....inspiring other people to knit and enjoy yarn and colour.

 Remember to keep an eye out for my designs in magazines and maybe take a look through back issues to find something too 'Helen Ardley' you will be surprised how many  there are!
Also when purchasing patterns either in the wool shops or online just remember how much time, patience and love goes into these designs.

Until next time, keep well, keep safe and keep knitting/ crocheting....... 
Helen & Sarah x

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