Monday, 12 June 2017

A Little Bit of a catch up!!

I cannot believe that we are in June already!! The year just seems to be slipping by and it isn't until I have sat down to look through photos that I realise just how much has gone on and just how little I have shared on the blog.........very naughty!!

So I will briefly touch on the good bits!! Lets start with EYF.........
EYF with my best friend Julie 

Cardigan resulting from EYF Leaf by Tincan knits knitted in Ginger studios yarn
Edinburgh Yarn festival was all we had expected and more, it did not disappoint with fabulous yarns and people. The city was so welcoming and our Premier Inn was superbly located. We will definitely be booking for next year. Although this is only a small venue the secret was in the quality rather than quantity. 

Myself and best friend of many years have both hit our half century in the last 10 months I must point out that I am the elder of the two as if I don't.....she surely will! We were fortunate enough to travel to Spain prior to and during Easter, staying in the beautiful town of San Lucar de Barrameda which is close to Jerez and Cadiz. All about an hours drive from Seville

Socks Sherry and Oysters - Perfect
It was fascinating to see the celebrations for Easter and the sense of community, not just in the small towns but also in the big city of Seville. The craftsmanship and dedication to these celebrations was breathtaking.

Easter Sunday celebration in San Lucar
The floats for the parade are stunning and this happens all over Spain during the Easter period. I feel so privileged to have witnessed it all. My husband and I attended the Mass on Easter Sunday and it is amazing how without knowing the language you know where the church service is up to.......

And now we are home there are new projects to excite us the Fairyhill shawl came first but I must admit that progress is slow, I think I am just savouring working with this beautiful yarn.

Shawl Society 2 new project Fairy Hill Shawl using Countess Ablaze Yarn
I visited the Countess's new shop on yarn shop day and was not disappointed!!

 The shop front was spectacular with a rainbow of colours inviting you in to even more colour. The shop was busy but as it was on three floors for the day you did not feel hemmed in. The yarn as usual was vibrant colours on beautiful yarn. I could live/work here!! 

The shop is of course in the upcoming Northern Quarter of Manchester and within walking distance of many other wonderful shops like Abakhan and Fred Aldous. I feel my fingers beginning to reach for my purse as I type....

I cannot write this blog today without mentioning the tragic events on the 22nd May 2017 in the city centre. I am proud to be a Salfordian and to also come under the banner of Mancunian. This fine City has shown how strong and full of love it is and we are even stronger now than before. The beloved bee which is all over the city means even more now than before. I have not had a bee tattoo because 1. I am not brave enough and 2. I donate cannot donate for 6 months after a tattoo so I am going to leave it for the time being........maybe a Henna tattoo!! I am working on a pattern for crocheted bees so will pop it on the blog when it is done.......

A symbol of a great City 
I have just come back from a few days in the wonderful Lake District and returned on World Wide Knit in Public Day..... Myself and a few fellow knitting group ladies had decided to meet in our local park to knit. and although the weather was against us it was still a lovely day 
The abandoned Mining museum in Buile Hill Park
Salford provided shelter for our group to meet.

We started Small! 

Thank you Lovely Ladies for knitting in public in the COLD Damp Manchester weather

The park which we met in is lovely and I have spent many happy years playing, walking, running and picnicking in the grounds so was delighted to knit here too!! 
Where next year??? Who knows......the ladies fancy somewhere warmer!!

I think that is us caught up for time I will share my fabulous trip to the Manchester Three Rivers Gin Tour (It is fabulous)

Finally just a few shots of the moon in the sky above the chalet in the Lake District!! Come on hand dyers this would be a beautiful yarn colour!!

Until next time......stay safe and well xxxx

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