Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Yoga Socks and Well Being !!

If you know me then you know that I hate knitting socks and I hate knitting in the round so you have to be extra special to get me to do this.
 Elizabeth, one of my best buddies is a yoga instructor back over in West Yorkshire. She runs 'Lemon Tree yoga' and teaches and sells beautiful yoga essentials. 

Last year she challenged me to knit yoga socks, I love a challenge! 
Well, I wrote a pattern and started knitting (on two needles) and they were great but when Sarah saw them she said 'they have a seam in them!' she loves knitting socks (mad!) she also convinced me to knit in the round. Aghhhh!!, my worst nightmare, a long story, but it took over a year to knit a pair of socks with a lady who kept pulling back her knitting, I would knit, she would go wrong and pull back, so I tend to avoid them, until now that is.....

A basket full of colour

The first yoga sock almost finished.
Sarah believes that socks represent life and in just the same way you go around and around in circles until you come to turn the heel which is a tricky moment but you soon get over it and are soon back to going calmly in circles again until the binding off the toe when you finish off and ....relax, then do the same again....

The joy of yoga socks?? no heel or toe so they are perfect for me!
So if you have just come out of a downward facing dog to read this blog and think I need some of those socks take a look firstly at to see all about Elizabeth and Lemon Tree Yoga and the pop to her Etsy shop to find the fabulous, if I do say so myself, socks!

She also runs yoga retreats at The Orange Tree, North Yorkshire.
Me and my sister had a chance to go on a weekend away and it was amazing. No mobiles, computers, no reception !
We came away relaxed and with new friends. 

This is were you do the yoga and relaxation classes but if the weather is good......

I even had chance to get my knitting out for an hour and have time to myself, heaven.
Definitely worth a visit if you need time out from your hectic life, I will be going back.

We were at The Northen  Vegan festival in Manchester. Elizabeth was running a few yoga sessions.....

 and I was helping out on her stall and also selling my socks!

It was a great day!

Talking of great days, Sarah is heading to Countess Ablaze on Saturday 6th May for 
Yarn Shop Day she is looking forward to visiting Manchesters' very own Yarn Emporium we hope you will all be supporting your yarn shops, I am sure
Sarah will Share the details of her day with you soon.....Oh and she still has Edinburgh
to share too!!

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