Sunday, 5 April 2015

Ireland colour workshop

Well, we are pleased to tell you that my computer has been fixed and we can now give you the news from my trip to Ireland...I was doing a workshop at The Glen Gallery Crafts in Cullybackey, County Antrim. It was for knitting and crocheting with lots of colours and textures. This was a new workshop that I had to put together, so it took a bit of time to work out the squares of textures and lace in both knit and crochet.

 I started by playing around with lots of different ideas and colours then eventually I found the ones that I liked and wrote the patterns.

It was a great trip to the Glen Gallery shop, where Frances and Marylin were there to welcome everyone. They were so lovely and made it a great few days. It is surrounded by fields and it is in the most beautiful setting...there were sheep and rabbits around the grounds  everyday!

I did a workshop on both Friday and Saturday, where I had a group of lovely ladies...I remembered a few faces from my workshops last year on cables!

The workshop started at 10am and we started by choosing lots of colours, trying to encourage the ladies to step out of their comfort zone and choose something a bit different, but I had lots of colours for them to play with. There were also lots of colours in the Glen Gallery for them to get inspiration from.

Just a few of the ladies that attended the workshop, hopefully all enjoying themselves! It would be so great to be invited back! 

The workshop was focused on knitting and crocheting the lovely colourful squares, then putting them together to make a cowl, bag, blanket, or whatever they fancied! 

Look how simple this is when all of the squares have been put together!

These are a few I started and I am going to put them together to create a big cosy cowl.

So...Sarah and I had an idea !

We are putting together a set of crochet and knitted squares and designing our own bags. We will create 2 designs, one crochet and one knitted, made up from our stash of cottons and will share the patterns with you for you to have a go..

I hope you have enjoyed a look into the Glen Gallery and how a workshop works from start to finish 

If anybody would like to know more about workshops we offer then please get in touch.

We hope you are all enjoying the Bank Holiday weekend!!


  1. I received the lovely St George's Rose you knitted for me today. What a lovely surprise, thank you so much Sarah. I shall wear it with pride tomorrow. Tina x

  2. Thanks Tina Glad you like it! Sarah x