Saturday, 28 March 2015

What a week!!!

We were going to share Helen’s tales from Ireland this week, but guess failed us!! Helen’s computer is quite poorly and needs some major treatment to make it better! Hopefully we will be able to retrieve her lovely pictures and share them with you next week. Our first blogging lesson...always back it up!!

We hope you have all had fun either seeking out yarn, or actually crocheting...and maybe even completing your cowls this week. We would love it if you could share them with us using the comments box at the bottom of this post or even email them to us at We would love to show them and get them up on the blog!

So what about this week? I am off to Switzerland for the week and am finding it very hard to pack for a cold weather holiday! I would love to be packing my blanket & slippers from Jem Weston’s Cute Little Knits book because they are so warm and snuggly! I would also love to be sneaking my lovely Rachel Coopey Hector socks in and of course my grey hat, snood and mitts combo (at least 3 shades of grey!!!). Plus, my Martin Storey oversized jumper in Kidsilk Haze Trio, I love it!! 

But...I must be practical with a 22kg baggage allowance between two!!

My Lovely slippers & Blanket
My cosy socks
Martins fabulous oversized Jumper
At least 3 shades of Grey!!

The good news is Helen has finished her hat and we have taken a picture to show, it may have to come away with me too!!

The perfect hat for Spring

My next dilemma is which project...or maybe projects to pack. As we have mentioned, both Helen and I often have numerous projects on the go at once…the question is, what can I manage to fit in without taking up too much of my hubbies luggage quota? I have been making these two at a time toe up socks for quite a while now, so this may be the perfect opportunity to get them completed and off my needles! Plus they are very portable in my super small project bag, which in true Blue Peter style…I made earlier! Maybe...just maybe...I will find a small yarn shop whilst I am away!

My two at a time toe up socks and project bag

I am not a skier, but am looking forward to a little Aprẽs ski and of course some lovely Swiss chocolate, especially as I have been on the British Heart Foundation Dechox for March...I have even dreamt of chocolate! I think an airport Toblerone may be purchased on the way out!

Anyway I will be waving goodbye to Helen this morning and heading off to Switzerland now and will try to get lots of chocolate box pictures to share with you in a couple of weeks!!!
Happy crafting!!