Monday, 15 June 2015

Beautiful St.Ives !!!

What a fabulous week I had in St.Ives, Cornwall with my family. This is a place I could pack everything up and move down to and live the "flip flop"  life as I call it.

Firstly let me show you the view that I woke up to every day.
And the house that we stayed in that was amazing and in the perfect location.

So did I take any knitting or crochet with me?

 I think you know the answer to that!

I find it easy to pick my crochet up, whether I am in the car or in bed so I only had with me this small selection. I am putting together a few workshops for the Autumn so this is what I worked on when I had a spare minute, but there weren't very many.
The shops in St.Ives are amazing, me and my daughter can spend hours just browsing around the little cobbled streets.

And I also found a wool shop !!! House of Bartlett,

 and it had a knitted hanging basket outside, how fabulous!

The lady that owned it was called Kay and she was so lovely. I could have spent hours talking to her and looking at all the beautiful wools. 
If you are down in Cornwall call in at The Drill Hall, Chapel Street, St.Ives. 

When I am out and about I always take photos of random things. My family think I am mad but I bet if you are creative you do the same.

Here are a few extra photos I have to share with you.

A glass window

Wallpaper in a little coffee shop

A tiled Wall

Beach Huts in a gift shop

Well Helen thank you for sharing your holiday snaps with us, I too love St Ives and its little streets with quirky shops. House of Bartlett is a lovely little wool shop too!
I managed a day in Chester whilst you were away and also found some beach huts! Don't they just make you feel happy?

All these lovely beach huts have got me and Sarah thinking 'beach hut bunting'.
So look out for the knitted version next week then a crochet version the week after.

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  1. Lovely photos, glad you had a good holiday,
    we would miss you if you go