Sunday, 21 June 2015

The Best Laid-Plans........

In the words of that great man Robert Burns, 'The best-laid plans of mice and men oft(en) go astray'

We have had a busy week, Helen and I, what with one thing and another. Therefore our knitted bunting will be posted next week. I am afraid that life has got in the way this week!

Flowers for a friend

Anyway as usual you do not find us lost for words. I have been keeping busy this week preparing some very special flowers for a friend's funeral, which was a time for celebration of a life well lived. 

I was also getting ready for the Race for Life Pretty Muddy Challenge at Tatton Park, in both memory and in celebration of friends and family, who have and still are fighting this condition. Their bravery always astounds me! 
Bring on the MUD.......

We did say bring it on!!
Did we really sign up to get
this muddy?

Of course we did!!! 

Off to the finish line!
Same time next year.....? Of course!
So there we go that has been my week! Thanks to my Daughter and sister-in-law for getting muddy alongside me, it is so much more fun in a group, also to all the fabulous volunteers who make the whole thing possible especially my knitting buddy Veronica, a survivor and an inspiration.

It is a GREAT cause!!!

The bunting will be here next week.....thanks for understanding!

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