Sunday, 7 June 2015

British Summertime!

Well what a week, you would not know that British Summertime started on Monday I think we have had all the seasons in one week. I don't know about you but I find it so hard to decide what to wear in this weather, ending up in lots of layers either adding or removing them as the day goes on.
Summer flowers inspire colour choices

I really do love my shawls and cowls when it is like this as they add light layers that keep you nice and cosy and there are so many lovely patterns to chose from. 

If you are a regular visitor to our blog then you may remember that I had put together some beautiful yarns to show you how a good root around in your stash can produce some lovely colour mixes. 

Just a reminder of the yarns from my stash 
With small amounts of yarn like this you can make a lovely short cowl which sits nicely around your neck without being too warm and it uses up those yarns which so often sit unused in our boxes of stash. It is also easy to fold up and pop into your bag when the sun finally comes out.

My completed cowl a perfect size for this variable weather
This short cowl is so easy to make and although my yarns varied from an aran weight, double knitting and the beautifully fine Rowan Kidsilk haze I used a 5mm hook throughout and the finish is lovely. There is no specific colour code, I just pick up the next one I want to use and quite honestly do as many or as few rounds as the yarn allows.

I made mine in the round, however if you do not feel confident with this it can bee done on the straight and joined at the end. If I am honest though it is a great way to practice working in the round. Why not give it a try?

Sarah's Short Cowl

Foundation Row:

With 5mm/5.5mm hook and first colour make 100 chain (+ or - to suit you)

Turn and work 1 row as follows:
 2ch (counts as first dc), 1 dc into each ch to end sl st into top of 2ch to form a ring. (taking care not to twist the row)*
*(you can join the round when you have completed the chain, however I like to work one row so that I have less chance of twisting the round)

Round 1:

 3 ch (counts as first tr) 1 tr into each tr to end, sl st into top of 3 ch at beg of round.

Rep round 1 throughout, changing colour when you choose to until it is the required depth for you.

Last Round

2ch (counts as first dc) 1 dc into each tr to end, sl st into top of 2ch at beg of round and fasten off.

Sew in your ends. It's finished

When you have completed your cowl take a good look at it because it is your design and will be as individual as you are. Well done!

Watch out though this can become addictive!

I would also like to show you a fabulous shawl pattern, which if you follow us on Instagram and face book you will have already seen, it is the 'Elise' Shawl designed by Evan Plevinksi you can find it here It is beautiful to make and I just used one ball of Wendy Happy Feet to make it, take a look. Best of all this pattern is free!
I plan to take it on holiday with me for those cool evenings when a jacket is too much but you still need something around your shoulders.

So Pretty!!
Well that's it for this week, Helen is back from her family holiday to Cornwall today so I am sure we will have lost's to natter about next week. Until then, have a fabulous week it is definitely the time of year to get your needles & hooks out in the great outdoors. Enjoy!

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